Nesingwary's Safari Kuscheldecke Classic
Nesingwarys Safari | Classic Kuscheldecke Mit Farbverlauf Decke
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Nesingwarys Safari | Classic Kuscheldecke Mit Farbverlauf Decke

Nesingwary's Safari | Classic blanket with color gradient

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Hemet Nesingwary is Azeroth's greatest hunter. He runs safaris to hunt wildlife from Azeroth and beyond. He is the author of "The Green Hills of Stranglethorn" and is usually found in the wild. Together with a group of fellow hunters, surrounded by a variety of trophies from local game in the region.
Nesingwary and his cohorts teach adventurers how to hunt and capture wild creatures.
You will NEVER forget a real Nesingwary Safari - and here you will find the right souvenir.

The super-soft cuddly blanket is the best for a great evening TV since caramel popcorn, but also for a relaxed nap or romantic star gazing, the fluffy warm blanket is your best friend, with which every moment becomes a real feel-good experience.
You can be sure whether you want to cuddle up yourself or you are simply looking for the perfect present for your favorite person, the cozy blanket is a real oasis.

100 polyester polar cuddle fleece fabric..
Size: 130 x 175 cm 51 x 68.8 inchesl)

* Superior quality and the anti-pil ensure that this fleece does not develop fluff / pills even after repeated washing.
* Polar fleece made of 100 polyester is washable up to 40 and can be ironed in a cool place.n.
* Back is white.
* Printed with the latest in sublimation printing. These brilliant designs will never fade, crack, or peel off.
* Printed and hand sewn in London, UK.

The color representation may differ due to different monitor settings.