Dedsec Black Gaiter | Neck Mit Aktivkohlefilter 1 Layer / Xs/s
Dedsec Black Gaiter | Neck Mit Aktivkohlefilter
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DedSec Black Gaiter | Neck gaiter with activated carbon filter

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DedSec is a hacker group based in the Chicago of the Watch Dogs Legion. They leave tags and graffiti all over Chicago.
DedSec would like to warn citizens of the weak points of the ctOS, which operates all systems in the city.
IRL also mix in the fray and show your peers that you belong.
Quite simply, with your new dedsec Neck Gaiter hose clampal.

Neck gaiters are available in 2 designs: 1- and 2-ply. While 1-ply neck gaiters are lighter and more flexible, the 2-ply style is thicker and offers more warmth.

Both models have a filter bag and a 5-layer PM2.5 activated carbon filter. No medical protection. You can also remove the carbon filter and simply use the neck gaiter without it.n.

The tubular shape of the neck gaiter offers you versatility. You can wear it as a scarf or pull it up and use it as a mouth-nose cover. Pulling over the ears on particularly cold days is also possible without any problems.

- 1-layer neck gaiter
XS / S: 22 cm x 38 cm 8.66 inches x 15 inchesl)
M / L: 25cm x 44cm 9.84 "x 17.32"")
XL / 2XL: 27 cm x 46 cm 10.62 inches x 18.11 inchesl)

- 2-layer neck gaiter
XS / S: 24cm x 41cm 9.44 "x 16.14"")
M / L: 26cm x 44cm 10.23 "x 17.32"")
XL / 2XL: 28cm x 48cm 11 "x 18.89"")

- Insert pocket for the carbon filter
- Can cover nose, mouth and ears
- Made and printed in London
- 3 to 5 working days production time
- Only shipping to the USA and Great Britain is done with TRACKING, the rest with standard NON-TRACKED Post.

- Fabric layer 1 - 210 GSM 2-way stretch 82 polyester 18 Lycra front part, printablebar)
- Carbon filter layer 2 - Non-stick cloth
- Carbon filter layer 3 filter clothh
- Carbon filter layer 4 activated carbone
- Carbon filter layer 5 filter clothh
- Carbon filter layer 6 - Non-stick cloth
- Fabric layer 7 - 320 GSM jersey fabric 73 polyester, 22 viscose, 5 elastanethan)

The cover is not intended as a medical product and should not be used as a substitute for conventional and approved personal protective equipment, including surgical masks or respirators. There are no guarantees, express or implied, that the cover will prevent infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases. The coverage is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have specific questions about medical issues, you should always consult a doctor or other health care provider.

** Please note that the 7th layer of the 1-layer neck gaiter only consists of the filter pocket on the front.
** Please also note that the filter bag of the 1-layer neck gaiter may have slight pressure marks

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